[lok-er-lam-suh n] /ˈlɒk ərˈlæm sən/

Frederick (Frederick Locker) 1821–95, English poet.


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  • Locker-plant

    noun 1. an establishment for storing food under refrigeration, containing lockers for renting to individual users.

  • Locker-room

    [lok-er-room, -roo m] /ˈlɒk ərˌrum, -ˌrʊm/ adjective 1. of, characteristic of, or suitable to conversation in a locker room; earthy or sexually explicit: locker-room humor. noun 1. a room containing lockers, as in a gymnasium, factory, or school, for changing clothes and for the storage and safekeeping of personal belongings.

  • Locket

    [lok-it] /ˈlɒk ɪt/ noun 1. a small case for a miniature portrait, a lock of hair, or other keepsake, usually worn on a necklace. 2. the uppermost mount of a scabbard. /ˈlɒkɪt/ noun 1. a small ornamental case, usually on a necklace or chain, that holds a picture, keepsake, etc n. mid-14c., “iron cross-bar of […]

  • Lockfast

    /ˈlɒkˌfɑːst/ adjective 1. (Scot) securely fastened with a lock

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