[lahy-ruh-fawrm] /ˈlaɪ rəˌfɔrm/

shaped like a lyre.


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  • Lyrism

    [lir-iz-uh m] /ˈlɪr ɪz əm/ noun 1. . /ˈlɪrɪzəm/ noun 1. the art or technique of playing the lyre 2. a less common word for lyricism

  • Lyrist

    [lahyuh r-ist for 1; lir-ist for 2] /ˈlaɪər ɪst for 1; ˈlɪr ɪst for 2/ noun 1. a person who plays the lyre or who sings and accompanies himself or herself on the lyre. 2. a lyric poet. noun 1. (ˈlaɪərɪst). a person who plays the lyre 2. (ˈlɪrɪst) another word for lyricist (sense 2)

  • Lys

    [lees] /lis/ noun 1. a river in W Europe, in N France and W Belgium, flowing NE into the Scheldt River at Ghent. 120 miles (195 km) long. Biochemistry. 1. . 1. a combining form meaning “lysis,” “decomposition,” used in the formation of compound words: lysin. combining form 1. a variant of lyso- Lys abbr. […]

  • Lysander

    [lahy-san-der] /laɪˈsæn dər/ noun 1. died 395 b.c, Spartan naval commander and statesman. /laɪˈsændə/ noun 1. died 395 bc, Spartan naval commander of the Peloponnesian War masc. proper name, from Greek Lysandros, literally “releasing men,” from comb. form of lyein “to release” (see lose) + -andros “man” (see anthropo-).

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