Master of Mechanical Engineering.
Master of Mining Engineering.
Master of Music Education.


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  • Mmes

    [mis-iz, miz-iz] /ˈmɪs ɪz, ˈmɪz ɪz/ plural Mmes. [mey-dahm, -dam] /meɪˈdɑm, -ˈdæm/ (Show IPA) 1. a title of respect prefixed to the name of a married woman: Mrs. Jones. 2. a title prefixed to a mock surname that is used to represent possession of a particular attribute, identity, etc., especially in an idealized or excessive […]

  • M.Met.E.

    1. Master of Metallurgical Engineering.

  • Mmf

    Electricity. 1. magnetomotive force. abbreviation 1. magnetomotive force magnetomotive force multimode fiber

  • M.Mgt.E.

    1. Master of Management Engineering.

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