(zoology) having large ears


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  • Macruran

    [muh-kroo r-uh n] /məˈkrʊər ən/ adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the suborder Macrura, comprising the lobsters, crayfishes, shrimps, and prawns. noun 2. a macruran crustacean. /məˈkrʊərən/ noun 1. any decapod crustacean of the group (formerly suborder) Macrura, which includes the lobsters, prawns, and crayfish adjective 2. of, relating to, or belonging to the Macrura

  • Macrurous

    [muh-kroo r-uh s] /məˈkrʊər əs/ adjective, Zoology. 1. long-tailed, as a lobster (opposed to ).

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    Project MAC’s SYmbolic MAnipulator. The first comprehensive symbolic mathematics system, written in Lisp by Joel Moses of MIT in 1969, later Symbolics, Inc. Versions include Symbolics Macsyma, DOE Maxima (ANL, in Common LISP) and Vaxima. ( E-mail: . [“MACSYMA – The Fifth Year”, J. Moses, SIGSAM Bulletin 8(3) (Aug 1974)]. (1994-11-01)

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    networking Part of earlier versions of MacOS that provided access to TCP/IP services. Apple removed MacTCP from MacOS in revision 7.5.3 in favor of the new OpenTransport (OT) TCP/IP stack. However, MacTCP lives on as a community development effort. See also MacPPP. [How did it work? Where was it from?] (2000-06-25)

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