Make a mess of something

verb phrase

To make a jumble of; mangle; botch; MAKE A HASH OF something: He gave it his best shot, but made a mess of it (1862+)


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  • Make a monkey out of someone

    verb phrase To make someone seem stupid or inept; make a fool of someone: Are you trying to make a monkey out of me? (1900+)

  • Make a mountain out of a mole-hill

    [mohl-hil] /ˈmoʊlˌhɪl/ noun 1. a small mound or ridge of earth raised up by a or burrowing under the ground. Idioms 2. make a mountain out of a molehill, to exaggerate a minor difficulty. /ˈməʊlˌhɪl/ noun 1. the small mound of earth thrown up by a burrowing mole 2. make a mountain out of a […]

  • Make a move on someone

    Related Terms put a move on someone

  • Make a name for oneself

    Achieve distinction, become prominent or well known, as in Martha is making a name for herself as an excellent chef . The earliest recorded use of this term was in John Wycliffe’s followers’ translation of the Bible (II Samuel 8:13): “Forsooth David made to him a name.” Also see make one’s mark

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