Make no bones about it

To be blunt and candid about something: “The teacher made no bones about the rigorous requirements for the seminar.”


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  • Make no difference

    see: make a difference , def. 3.

  • Make no mistake

    Have no doubt, certainly, as in Make no mistake—I’ll vote Republican no matter who runs. [ Mid-1800s ] Also see: get someone wrong

  • Make no never mind

    verb phrase To make no difference; be insignificant: Makes no never mind what he thinks, I’m going (1940s+ Black)

  • Make oneself at home

    Be at ease, act as though one were in one’s own home. For example, I have to make a phone call but please make yourself at home , or Tim has a way of making himself at home just about anywhere . This expression was first recorded in 1860. Also see at home , def […]

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