[mahr-kwis] /ˈmɑr kwɪs/

noun, British.
(def 3).
(in the British Isles) a nobleman ranking between a duke and an earl
See marquis


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    /ˈmɑːkwɪzɪt/ noun 1. (in the British Isles) the dignity, rank, or position of a marquess; marquisate

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    [mahr-kwis, mahr-kee; French mar-kee] /ˈmɑr kwɪs, mɑrˈki; French marˈki/ noun, plural marquises [mahr-kwi-siz] /ˈmɑr kwɪ sɪz/ (Show IPA), marquis [mahr-keez; French mar-kee] /mɑrˈkiz; French marˈki/ (Show IPA) 1. a nobleman ranking next below a duke and above an earl or count. [mahr-kwis] /ˈmɑr kwɪs/ noun 1. Don(ald Robert Perry) 1878–1937, U.S. humorist and poet. /ˈmɑːkwɪs; […]

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