Membrane potential

membrane potential n.
The potential inside a cell membrane measured relative to the fluid just outside; it is negative under resting conditions and becomes positive during an action potential.


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  • Membrane transport

    noun 1. the process by which physiologically important substances, such as calcium ions, sugars, etc, are conveyed across a biological membrane

  • Membraniform

    membraniform mem·bra·ni·form (měm-brā’nə-fôrm’) adj. Having the appearance or structure of a membrane.

  • Membranocartilaginous

    membranocartilaginous mem·bra·no·car·ti·lag·i·nous (měm’brə-nō-kär’tl-āj’ə-nəs) adj.

  • Membranoid

    membranoid mem·bra·noid (měm’brə-noid’) adj. Membraniform.

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