Mesenteric artery

mesenteric artery n.


Read Also:

  • Mesenteric ganglion

    mesenteric ganglion n.

  • Mesenteriopexy

    mesenteriopexy mes·en·ter·i·o·pex·y (měz’ən-těr’ē-ə-pěk’sē, měs’-) n. Surgical fixation of a torn or incised mesentery. Also called mesopexy.

  • Mesenteriorrhaphy

    mesenteriorrhaphy mes·en·ter·i·or·rha·phy (měz’ən-těr’ē-ôr’ə-fē, měs’-) n. The surgical suture of the mesentery. Also called mesorrhaphy.

  • Mesenteriplication

    mesenteriplication mes·en·ter·i·pli·ca·tion (měz’ən-těr’ə-plĭ-kā’shən, měs’-) n. Surgical reduction of a mesentery by making one or more tucks in it.

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