Mirror finish

a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping


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  • Mirror-image

    noun 1. an image of an object, plan, person, etc., as it would appear if viewed in a mirror, with right and left reversed. 2. an object having a spatial arrangement that corresponds to that of another object except that the right-to-left sense on one object corresponds to the left-to-right sense on the other. noun […]

  • Mirror-image cell

    mirror-image cell mir·ror-im·age cell (mĭr’ər-ĭm’ĭj) n.

  • Mirroring

    [mir-er] /ˈmɪr ər/ noun 1. a reflecting surface, originally of polished metal but now usually of glass with a silvery, metallic, or amalgam backing. 2. such a surface set into a frame, attached to a handle, etc., for use in viewing oneself or as an ornament. 3. any reflecting surface, as the surface of calm […]

  • Mirror-plant

    noun 1. a shrub, Coprosma repens, of the madder family, native to New Zealand and cultivated in warm regions, having glossy, often variegated leaves.

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