[mon-oh-mawr-fee-mik] /ˌmɒn oʊ mɔrˈfi mɪk/

containing only one morpheme, as the words wait and gorilla.


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  • Monomorphic

    [mon-uh-mawr-fik] /ˌmɒn əˈmɔr fɪk/ adjective 1. Biology. having only one form. 2. of the same or of an essentially similar type of structure. /ˌmɒnəʊˈmɔːfɪk/ adjective 1. (of an individual organism) showing little or no change in structure during the entire life history 2. (of a species) existing or having parts that exist in only one […]

  • Monomorphism

    [mon-uh-mawr-fiz-uh m] /ˌmɒn əˈmɔr fɪz əm/ noun, Mathematics. 1. a one-to-one homomorphism.

  • Monomyoplegia

    monomyoplegia mon·o·my·o·ple·gi·a (mŏn’ō-mī’ə-plē’jē-ə, -jə) n. Paralysis limited to a single muscle.

  • Monomyositis

    monomyositis mon·o·my·o·si·tis (mŏn’ō-mī’ə-sī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of a single muscle.

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