[mon-uh-soh-mik] /ˌmɒn əˈsoʊ mɪk/

adjective, Genetics.
having one less than the usual diploid number of chromosomes.


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  • Monospaced type

    /ˈmɒnəʊˌspeɪst/ noun 1. (computing) a typeface in which the width of all letters, including the space around them, is the same

  • Monospasm

    monospasm mon·o·spasm (mŏn’ə-spāz’əm) n. A spasm that affects only one muscle or group of muscles or a single extremity.

  • Monospermous

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  • Monospermy

    [mon-uh-spur-mee] /ˈmɒn əˌspɜr mi/ noun 1. the fertilization of an ovum by only one spermatozoon.

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