member of the appropriate sex


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  • Motd

    message of the day message of the day

  • Mote-spoon

    noun 1. a small spoon with a pierced bowl for removing tea leaves from a cup of tea.

  • Motet

    [moh-tet] /moʊˈtɛt/ noun, Music. 1. a vocal composition in polyphonic style, on a Biblical or similar prose text, intended for use in a church service. /məʊˈtɛt/ noun 1. a polyphonic choral composition used as an anthem in the Roman Catholic service n. “choral composition on a sacred text,” late 14c., from Old French motet (13c.), […]

  • Motey

    [moi-tee] /ˈmɔɪ ti/ adjective, moitier, moitiest. 1. full of . [moht] /moʊt/ noun 1. a small particle or speck, especially of dust. 2. . /məʊt/ noun 1. a tiny speck /məʊt/ verb (past) moste (məʊst) 1. (takes an infinitive without to) (archaic) may or might n. “particle of dust,” Old English mot, of unknown origin; […]

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