High circle of power: the stratosphere of Washington mucky-muckdom (1970s+)


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    [muhk-luhk] /ˈmʌk lʌk/ noun 1. . [muhk-luhk] /ˈmʌk lʌk/ noun 1. a soft boot worn by Eskimos, often lined with fur and usually made of sealskin or reindeer skin. 2. a similar boot with a soft sole, usually worn for lounging. /ˈmʌklʌk/ noun 1. a soft boot, usually of sealskin, worn by the Inuit

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    1. a combining form representing mucus, or mucous, in compound words: mucopurulent. combining form 1. mucus or mucous: mucoprotein, mucin muco- or muci- or muc- pref.

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    mucocutaneous mu·co·cu·ta·ne·ous (myōō’kō-kyōō-tā’nē-əs) adj. Of or relating to the skin and a mucous membrane.

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