(slang) an unattractive person


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  • Muntin

    [muhn-tn] /ˈmʌn tn/ noun 1. Also called sash bar. a bar for holding the edges of window panes within a sash. 2. (formerly) a vertical bar in a window sash. 3. a stile within the frame of a door or the like. /ˈmʌntɪn/ noun 1. another name (esp US) for glazing-bar

  • Muntjac

    [muhnt-jak] /ˈmʌnt dʒæk/ noun 1. any of various small deer of the genus Muntiacus, of southern and eastern Asia and the adjacent islands, especially M. muntjac, of Java, India, etc., having well-developed horns on bony pedicels. 2. any of the small deer of the related genus Elaphodus, of China and Tibet, having minute horns. /ˈmʌntˌdʒæk/ […]

  • Muntrie

    /ˈmʌntrɪ/ noun 1. a SE Australian myrtaceous shrub, Kunzea pomifera, that has green-red edible berries

  • Muntz-metal

    [muhnts] /mʌnts/ noun 1. . /mʌnts/ noun 1. a type of brass consisting of three parts copper and two parts zinc, used in casting and extrusion

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