a combining form meaning “marrow,” “of the spinal cord,” used in the formation of compound words:

before vowels myel-, word-forming element meaning “marrow, spinal cord,” from Greek myelos “marrow; the brain,” of unknown origin.

myelo- or myel-


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  • Myeloblast

    [mahy-uh-luh-blast] /ˈmaɪ ə ləˌblæst/ noun, Cell Biology. 1. an immature myelocyte. /ˈmaɪələʊˌblɑːst/ noun 1. a cell that gives rise to a granulocyte, normally occurring in the bone marrow but detected in the blood in certain diseases, esp leukaemia myeloblast my·e·lo·blast (mī’ə-lə-blāst’) n. An immature cell of the bone marrow that is the precursor of a […]

  • Myeloblastemia

    myeloblastemia my·e·lo·blas·te·mi·a (mī’ə-lō-blā-stē’mē-ə) n. The presence of myeloblasts in the circulating blood.

  • Myeloblastic leukemia

    myeloblastic leukemia my·e·lo·blas·tic leukemia (mī’ə-lə-blās’tĭk) n. A form of granulocytic leukemia characterized by abnormal numbers of myeloblasts in the blood and in various tissues.

  • Myeloblastoma

    myeloblastoma my·e·lo·blas·to·ma (mī’ə-lō-blā-stō’mə) n. A malignant tumor consisting of myeloblasts.

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