myorrhexis my·or·rhex·is (mī’ə-rěk’sĭs)
Tearing of a muscle.


Read Also:

  • Myosalpinx

    myosalpinx my·o·sal·pinx (mī’ō-sāl’pĭngks) n. The muscular tunic of the uterine tube.

  • Myosclerosis

    myosclerosis my·o·scle·ro·sis (mī’ō-sklə-rō’sĭs) n. Chronic myositis with hyperplasia of the interstitial connective tissue.

  • Myosarcoma

    myosarcoma my·o·sar·co·ma (mī’ō-sär-kō’mə) n. A malignant tumor derived from muscular tissue.

  • Myoscope

    [mahy-uh-skohp] /ˈmaɪ əˌskoʊp/ noun 1. an instrument for observing muscular contraction.

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