myotasis my·ot·a·sis (mī-ŏt’ə-sĭs)
Stretching of a muscle.
my’o·tat’ic (mī’ə-tāt’ĭk) adj.


Read Also:

  • Myotatic contraction

    myotatic contraction n. A contraction of a skeletal muscle that occurs as part of a myotatic reflex.

  • Myotatic irritability

    myotatic irritability n. The ability of a muscle to contract in response to the stimulus produced by a sudden stretching.

  • Myotatic reflex

    myotatic reflex n. Tonic contraction of the muscles in response to a stretching force, due to stimulation of muscle proprioceptors. Also called stretch reflex.

  • Myotenositis

    myotenositis my·o·ten·o·si·tis (mī’ō-těn’ə-sī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of a muscle and its tendon.

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