[nag-ee] /ˈnæg i/

adjective, naggier, naggiest.


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  • Nagling coalescence

    networking, algorithm An algorithm for improving TCP/IP network performance by combining small packets (“tinygrams”) into larger ones, thus reducing the per-packet overhead. The server transmits the packet either when it has reached a preset size or when it receives an acknowledgment of the previous packet. [Who was Nagling?] (1998-11-06)

  • Nagor

    /ˈneɪɡɔː/ noun 1. another name for reedbuck

  • Nagorno-Karabakh

    [nuh-gawr-noh-kahr-uh-bahk; Russian nuh-gawr-nuh-kuh-ruh-bahkh] /nəˈgɔr noʊˌkɑr əˈbɑk; Russian nʌˈgɔr nə kə rʌˈbɑx/ noun 1. a region in SW Azerbaijan: residents mostly Armenian. 1700 sq. mi. (4400 sq. km).

  • Nagorno-karabakh autonomous region

    /nəˈɡɔːnəʊkərʌˈbɑːk/ noun 1. an administrative division in S Azerbaijan. In 1990–94 Armenian claims to the region led to violent unrest and fighting between national forces. Capital: Stepanakert. Pop: 143 000 (2000 est). Area: 4400 sq km (1700 sq miles)

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