[ney-ler] /ˈneɪ lər/

a person or thing that drives , as a machine that drives automatically.


Read Also:

  • Nailer-joist

    noun 1. a steel joist having a permanently attached nailing strip, as for securing wooden flooring.

  • Nailfile

    /ˈneɪlˌfaɪl/ noun 1. a small file, chiefly either of metal or of board coated with emery, used to trim the nails

  • Nail-file

    noun 1. a small file of metal or cardboard, for trimming, smoothing, or shaping the fingernails and sometimes having a point for removing dirt from under them.

  • Nail fold

    nail fold n. A fold of hard skin overlapping the base and sides of a fingernail or toenail.

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