capable of being networked, capable of being used in or with a network; compatible with a network
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  • Network addressable unit

    networking (NAU) The SNA term for an addressable entity. Examples include PUs, LUs, and SSCPs. (1997-05-10)

  • Network address translation

    networking (NAT, or Network Address Translator, Virtual LAN) A technique in which a router or firewall rewrites the source and/or destination Internet addresses in a packet as it passes through, typically to allow multiple hosts to connect to the Internet via a single external IP address. NAT keeps track of outbound connections and distributes incoming […]

  • Network address translator

    Network Address Translation

  • Network administrator

    job A person who manages a communications network within an organisation. Responsibilities include network security, installing new applications, distributing software upgrades, monitoring daily activity, enforcing licensing agreements, developing a storage management program and providing for routine backups. (2004-03-20)

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