noun phrase

The fifth backfield player in the ”nickel defense”: When peace was restored, the officiating crew ejected end Tom Briggs and nickel back Leroy Axem (1980s+ Football)


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  • Nickel bag

    noun phrase A five-dollar packet of narcotics (1960s+ Narcotics)

  • Nickel belt

    noun 1. (Canadian) the area around Sudbury in Northern Ontario, rich in nickel ore

  • Nickel bloom

    noun 1. another name for annabergite

  • Nickel cadmium

    noun a battery or energy cell containing a nickel anode, cadmium anode, and potassium hydroxide electrolyte; abb. NiCad Examples Rechargeable batteries are usually nickel cadmium. Usage Note nickel-cadmium adj

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