National Institute of Dental Research


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  • Nidrr

    National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

  • Nidus

    [nahy-duh s] /ˈnaɪ dəs/ noun, plural nidi [nahy-dahy] /ˈnaɪ daɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a nest, especially one in which insects, spiders, etc., deposit their eggs. 2. a place or point in an organism where a germ or other organism can develop or breed. /ˈnaɪdəs/ noun (pl) -di (-daɪ) 1. the nest in which insects or […]

  • Nidus avis

    nidus avis nidus a·vis (ā’vĭs) n. A deep depression on each side of the inferior surface of the cerebellum in which the cerebellar tonsil rests. Also called nidus hirundinus.

  • Nidwalden

    [neet-vahl-duh n] /ˈnitˌvɑl dən/ noun 1. a demicanton of Unterwalden, in central Switzerland. 106 sq. mi. (275 sq. km). Capital: Stans.

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