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    [ni-zhin-skee, -jin-; Russian nyi-zhin-skyee] /nɪˈʒɪn ski, -ˈdʒɪn-; Russian nyɪˈʒɪn skyi/ noun 1. Vaslav or Waslaw [vah-sluh f] /ˈvɑ sləf/ (Show IPA), 1890–1950, Russian ballet dancer and choreographer. /nɪˈdʒɪnskɪ/ noun 1. Waslaw or Vaslaw (vatsˈlaf). 1890–1950, Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, who was associated with Diaghilev. His creations include settings of Stravinsky’s Petrushka and The Rite […]

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    [nahy-mey-guh n; Dutch nahy-mey-khuh n, -khuh] /ˈnaɪ meɪ gən; Dutch ˈnaɪ meɪ xən, -xə/ noun 1. a city in the E Netherlands, on the Waal River: peace treaty 1678. /ˈnaɪˌmeɪɡən; Dutch ˈnɛimeːxə/ noun 1. an industrial town in the E Netherlands, in Gelderland province on the Waal River: the oldest town in the country; scene […]

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    1. a suffix of nouns that refer, usually derogatorily, to persons who support or are concerned or associated with a particular political cause or group, cultural attitude, or the like: beatnik, filmnik; no-goodnik; peacenik. suffix 1. denoting a person associated with a specified state, belief, or quality: beatnik, refusenik as in beatnik, etc., suffix used […]

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    /nɪˈkɛərɪə; naɪ-/ noun 1. another name for Icaria

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