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  • Northern-ireland

    noun 1. a political division of the United Kingdom, in the NE part of the island of Ireland. 5238 sq. mi. (13,565 sq. km). Capital: Belfast. noun 1. that part of the United Kingdom occupying the NE part of Ireland: separated from the rest of Ireland, which became independent in law in 1920; remained part […]

  • Northern isles

    plural noun 1. Orkney and Shetland

  • Northernize

    [nawr-th er-nahyz] /ˈnɔr ðərˌnaɪz/ verb (used with object), Northernized, Northernizing. (sometimes lowercase) 1. to make northern; impart qualities considered typical of the North, especially of the northern part of U.S.

  • Northern-kingdom

    1. (def 4).

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