net weight


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    adjective 1. (of a semiconductor) having more conduction electrons than mobile holes 2. associated with or resulting from the movement of electrons in a semiconductor: n-type conductivity N-type Made of material, usually a semiconductor such as silicon, that has been doped with impurities so that it has an excess of conductive electrons. Compare P-type.

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    [noo, nyoo] /nu, nyu/ noun 1. the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet (Ν, ν). 2. the consonant sound represented by this letter. [noo] /nu/ interjection 1. well? so? so what? [noo] /nu/ noun 1. U [oo] /u/ (Show IPA), (Thauin Nu) 1907–1995, Burmese political leader: prime minister 1948–56, 1957–58, 1960–62. /njuː/ noun 1. the […]

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