Ecology. undeveloped land that is protected from development by legislation.


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  • Open-stack

    [oh-puh n-stak] /ˈoʊ pənˈstæk/ adjective, Library Science. 1. having or being a system of library management in which patrons have direct access to stacks for browsing and selecting books; open-shelf.

  • Open-stance

    noun, Baseball. 1. a batting stance in which the front foot is farther from the inside of the batter’s box than the back foot.

  • Open-standard

    adjective 1. (of computer programs, codes, etc) freely available to all users

  • Openstep

    operating system An object-oriented application programming interface (API) derived from NEXTSTEP and proposed as an open standard by NeXT in 1994. OpenStep is the specification of the object kits of NEXTSTEP. OPENSTEP/Mach was an implementation of this specification. The original, OPENSTEP version 4.0, and really was NEXTSTEP 4. Rhapsody was the codename for Apple’s Mac […]

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