[awr-ki-dey-shuh s] /ˌɔr kɪˈdeɪ ʃəs/

belonging to the plant family Orchidaceae.
of, relating to, or belonging to the Orchidaceae, a family of flowering plants including the orchids


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  • Orchid-cactus

    noun 1. . [ep-uh-fil-uh m] /ˌɛp əˈfɪl əm/ noun 1. any of several mostly epiphytic cacti of the genus Epiphyllum, native to tropical America, having large, fragrant white flowers.

  • Orchidectomy

    [awr-ki-dek-tuh-mee] /ˌɔr kɪˈdɛk tə mi/ noun, plural orchidectomies. Surgery. 1. . /ˌɔːkɪˈdɛktəmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. the surgical removal of one or both testes

  • Orchid-family

    noun 1. the plant family Orchidaceae, characterized by terrestrial or epiphytic herbaceous plants having simple, parallel-veined, usually alternate leaves, complex and often large and showy flowers pollinated primarily by insects, and fruit in the form of a capsule containing numerous minute seeds, and including calypso, fringed orchis, lady’s-slipper, pogonia, rattlesnake plantain, vanilla, as well as […]

  • Orchidic

    orchidic or·chid·ic (ôr-kĭd’ĭk) adj. Relating to the testis.

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