a love of odors, smells
Word Origin

Greek osphresis ‘smell’


Read Also:

  • Osphresiophobia

    noun a fear of odors, smells; also called olfactophobia , osmophobia See olfactophobia See osmophobia Word Origin Greek osphresis ‘smell’

  • Osphresis

    osphresis os·phre·sis (ŏs-frē’sĭs) n. The sense of smell.

  • Osphretic

    osphretic os·phret·ic (ŏs-frět’ĭk) adj. Relating to the sense of smell.

  • Osprey

    [os-pree] /ˈɒs pri/ noun, plural ospreys. 1. Also called fish hawk. a large hawk, Pandion haliaetus, that feeds on fish. 2. a plume for trimming hats. /ˈɒsprɪ; -preɪ/ noun 1. a large broad-winged fish-eating diurnal bird of prey, Pandion haliaetus, with a dark back and whitish head and underparts: family Pandioridae Often called (US and […]

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