[oi-ster-muh n] /ˈɔɪ stər mən/

noun, plural oystermen.
a person who gathers, cultivates, or sells .
a boat specially equipped for gathering .
noun (mainly US) (pl) -men
a person who gathers, cultivates, or sells oysters
a boat used in gathering oysters


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  • Oyster-mushroom

    noun 1. . noun 1. an edible fungus, Pleurotus ostreatus, having an oyster-shaped cap, commonly found growing in clusters on the trunks of broad-leaved trees

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    noun 1.

  • Oyster-plant

    noun 1. . 2. . 3. . noun 1. salsify or sea lungwort See salsify (sense 1), lungwort (sense 2)

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