Pachyderma laryngis

pachyderma laryngis pachyderma la·ryn·gis (lə-rĭn’jĭs)
A circumscribed connective tissue hyperplasia at the posterior commissure of the larynx.


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  • Pachyderma lymphangiectatica

    pachyderma lymphangiectatica pachyderma lym·phan·gi·ec·tat·i·ca (lĭm-fān’jē-ĭk-tāt’ĭ-kə) n. Elephantiasis due to lymph stasis.

  • Pachydermatocele

    pachydermatocele pach·y·der·ma·to·cele (pāk’ĭ-dûr’mə-tə-sēl’,-dûr-māt’ə-) n.

  • Pachyderma vesicae

    pachyderma vesicae pachyderma ve·si·cae (vĭ-sī’kē’, -sē’-) n. Elephantiasis with lymph vesicles on the skin surface.

  • Pachydermatous

    [pak-i-dur-muh-tuh s] /ˌpæk ɪˈdɜr mə təs/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of . 2. thick-skinned; insensitive: a pachydermatous indifference to insults.

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