[puh-loh-muh] /pəˈloʊ mə/

a female given name.


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  • Palomar

    [pal-uh-mahr] /ˈpæl əˌmɑr/ noun 1. Mount, a mountain in S California, NE of San Diego: site of observatory. 6126 feet (1867 meters) high. /ˈpæləˌmɑː/ noun 1. Mount Palomar, a mountain in S California, northeast of San Diego: site of Mount Palomar Observatory, which has a large (200-inch) reflecting telescope. Height: 1871 m (6140 ft)

  • Palomar-observatory

    noun 1. an astronomical observatory situated on Palomar Mountain in S California, having a 200-inch (508-cm) reflecting telescope and a 48-inch (122-cm) Schmidt telescope.

  • Palometa

    [pal-uh-met-uh] /ˌpæl əˈmɛt ə/ noun 1. a pompano, Trachinotus goodei, of tropical and temperate Atlantic seas, having long, tapering fins. 2. any of several stromateid butterfishes.

  • Palomino

    [pal-uh-mee-noh] /ˌpæl əˈmi noʊ/ noun, plural palominos. 1. a horse with a golden coat, a white mane and tail, and often white markings on the face and legs, developed chiefly in the southwestern U.S. /ˌpæləˈmiːnəʊ/ noun (pl) -nos 1. a golden horse with a cream or white mane and tail n. 1914, from American Spanish […]

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