[pas-uh-muh nt] /ˈpæs ə mənt/



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  • Passant

    [pas-uh nt] /ˈpæs ənt/ adjective, Heraldry. 1. (of a beast) represented as in the act of walking, with one forepaw raised. /ˈpæsənt/ adjective 1. (usually postpositive) (heraldry) (of a beast) walking, with the right foreleg raised adj. late 14c., from Old French passant, present participle of passer (see pass (v.)).

  • Passata

    /pəˈsɑːtə/ noun 1. a sauce made from sieved tomatoes, often used in Italian cookery

  • Passband

    [pas-band, pahs-] /ˈpæsˌbænd, ˈpɑs-/ noun, Radio and Television. 1. the range of frequencies that with a minimum of attenuation through an electronic filter.

  • Passbook

    [pas-boo k, pahs-] /ˈpæsˌbʊk, ˈpɑs-/ noun 1. a bankbook. 2. (formerly) a small or ledger for each customer in which a merchant keeps a record of goods sold on credit and the amounts owed and paid. 3. South African. (def 2). /ˈpɑːsˌbʊk/ noun 1. a book for keeping a record of withdrawals from and payments […]

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