Peak pricing


See congestion pricing


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  • Peak programme meter

    noun 1. an instrument for assessing the maximum levels of an electrical sound signal Abbreviation PPM, ppm

  • Peak-time

    noun 1. .

  • Peaky

    [pee-kee] /ˈpi ki/ adjective, peakier, peakiest. 1. 2 . /ˈpiːkɪ/ adjective -kier, -kiest 1. wan, emaciated, or sickly

  • Peal

    [peel] /pil/ noun 1. a loud, prolonged ringing of bells. 2. a set of bells tuned to one another. 3. a series of changes rung on a set of bells. 4. any loud, sustained sound or series of sounds, as of cannon, thunder, applause, or laughter. verb (used with object) 5. to sound loudly and […]

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