Pelvis minor

pelvis minor n.
See small pelvis.


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  • Pelvivertebral angle

    pelvivertebral angle pel·vi·ver·te·bral angle (pěl’və-vûr’tə-brəl, -vər-tē’brəl) n. The angle formed by the pelvis with the general axis of the trunk or spine.

  • Pelvospondylitis ossificans

    pelvospondylitis ossificans pel·vo·spon·dy·li·tis os·sif·i·cans (spŏn’dl-ī’tĭs ŏ-sĭf’ĭ-kānz’) n. Deposit of bony substance between the vertebrae of the sacrum.

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    [pel-i-kuh-sawr] /ˈpɛl ɪ kəˌsɔr/ noun 1. any of a group of large primitive reptiles belonging to the extinct order Pelycosauria, abundant in North America and Europe during the Permian Period, often having a tall spinal sail. /ˈpɛlɪkəʊˌsɔː/ noun 1. any extinct mammal-like reptile of the order Pelycosauria, of Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian times, from […]

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