Florida (used as a nickname).


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  • Peninsular war

    noun 1. the war (1808–14) fought in the Iberian Peninsula by British, Portuguese, and Spanish forces against the French, resulting in the defeat of the French: part of the Napoleonic Wars

  • Peninsulate

    /pɪˈnɪnsjʊˌleɪt/ verb 1. (transitive) to cause (land) to become peninsular

  • Peninsula-war

    noun 1. a war (1808–14) in Spain and Portugal, with British, Spanish, and Portuguese troops opposing the French.

  • Penischisis

    penischisis pe·nis·chi·sis (pē-nĭs’kĭ-sĭs) n. A fissure of the penis resulting in an abnormal urethral opening, as in epispadias, hypospadias, or paraspadias.

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