a range of hills in N England, extending from the S Midlands to the Cheviot Hills.


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  • Pennine way

    noun 1. a long-distance footpath extending from Edale, Derbyshire, for 402 km (250 miles) to Kirk Yetholm, Scottish Borders

  • Pennines

    [pen-uh-nahyt] /ˈpɛn əˌnaɪt/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. a member of the chlorite group, rhombohedral in habit. /ˈpɛnaɪnz/ plural noun 1. a system of hills in England, extending from the Cheviot Hills in the north to the River Trent in the south: forms the watershed for the main rivers of N England. Highest peak: Cross Fell, 893 […]

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    noun 1. a sluice gate that opens by lifting upward.

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