a process in which a fabric is chemically treated to make it wrinkle-resistant so as to require little or no ironing after washing.
the condition of a fabric so treated.


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  • Permanent resident

    noun 1. (Canadian) an immigrant who has been given official residential status, often prior to being granted citizenship

  • Permanent set

    noun 1. (engineering) the change in shape of a material that results when the load to which it is subjected causes the elastic limit to be exceeded and is then removed

  • Permanent-tooth

    noun 1. any of the 32 adult teeth that replace the 20 milk teeth. permanent tooth n. Any of the teeth of the secondary dentition. Also called second tooth.

  • Permanent virtual circuit

    networking (PVC, or in ATM terminology, “Permanent Virtual Connection”) A virtual circuit that is permanently established, saving the time associated with circuit establishment and tear-down. (1997-10-06)

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