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  • Pharos

    [fair-os] /ˈfɛər ɒs/ noun 1. a small peninsula in N Egypt, near Alexandria: site of ancient lighthouse built by Ptolemy. 2. the lighthouse on this peninsula. Compare . 3. any lighthouse or beacon to direct sailors. /ˈfɛərɒs/ noun 1. a large Hellenistic lighthouse built on an island off Alexandria in Egypt in about 280 bc […]

  • Pharpar

    swift, one of the rivers of Damascus (2 Kings 5:12). It has been identified with the ‘Awaj, “a small lively river.” The whole of the district watered by the ‘Awaj is called the Wady el-‘Ajam, i.e., “the valley of the Persians”, so called for some unknown reason. This river empties itself into the lake or […]

  • Pharr

    [fahr] /fɑr/ noun 1. a city in S Texas.

  • Pharsalia

    [fahr-sey-lee-uh, -seyl-yuh] /fɑrˈseɪ li ə, -ˈseɪl yə/ noun 1. a district in ancient Greece whose chief city was Pharsalus.

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