[fahr-muh-kuh-pee-uh] /ˌfɑr mə kəˈpi ə/

noun, Pharmacology.
a book published usually under the jurisdiction of the government and containing a list of drugs, their formulas, methods for making medicinal preparations, requirements and tests for their strength and purity, and other related information.
a stock of drugs.
an authoritative book containing a list of medicinal drugs with their uses, preparation, dosages, formulas, etc

pharmacopoeia phar·ma·co·poe·ia or phar·ma·co·pe·ia (fär’mə-kə-pē’ə)


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    pharmacopsychosis phar·ma·co·psy·cho·sis (fär’mə-kō-sī-kō’sĭs) n. A psychosis caused by taking a drug.

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    [fahr-muh-koh-ther-uh-pee] /ˌfɑr mə koʊˈθɛr ə pi/ noun 1. the treatment of disease through the administration of drugs. pharmacotherapy phar·ma·co·ther·a·py (fär’mə-kō-thěr’ə-pē) n. Treatment of disease through the use of drugs.

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