photopsy pho·top·sy (fō-tŏp’sē)
See photopsia.


Read Also:

  • Photoptarmosis

    photoptarmosis pho·to·ptar·mo·sis (fō’tō-tär-mō’sĭs) n. Reflex sneezing in response to bright light striking the retina.

  • Photoradiation

    photoradiation pho·to·ra·di·a·tion (fō’tō-rā’dē-ā’shən) n. A treatment for cancer in which an individual is injected with a photosensitizing agent and the cancerous tissue is exposed to visible light, often by means of a fiberoptic probe. Also called photochemotherapy.

  • Photoradiation therapy

    photoradiation therapy n. Photoradiation.

  • Photoreaction

    [foh-toh-ree-ak-shuh n] /ˌfoʊ toʊ riˈæk ʃən/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a chemical that involves or requires light. photoreaction pho·to·re·ac·tion (fō’tō-rē-āk’shən) n. A photochemical reaction.

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