phymatosis phy·ma·to·sis (fī’mə-tō’sĭs)
The occurrence or growth of phymas in the skin.


Read Also:

  • Phys-

    phys- pref. Variant of physio-.

  • Physaliform

    physaliform phy·sal·i·form (fī-sāl’ə-fôrm’, fĭ-) adj. Resembling a bubble or bubbles.

  • Physalis

    /faɪˈseɪlɪs/ noun 1. See Chinese lantern, strawberry tomato physalis phys·a·lis (fĭs’ə-lĭs) n. A vacuole in a giant cell of certain malignant neoplasms, such as chondromas.

  • Physeal

    physeal phys·e·al (fĭz’ē-əl) adj. Relating to the area of bone that separates the metaphysis and the epiphysis, in which the cartilage grows.

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