[pee-uh-net] /ˌpi əˈnɛt/

a small .


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    [pee-uh-niz-uh m, pee-an-iz-, pyan-] /ˈpi əˌnɪz əm, piˈæn ɪz-, ˈpyæn-/ noun 1. the artistry and technique of a pianist. 2. performance by a pianist: an evening of first-rate pianism. /ˈpiːəˌnɪzəm/ noun 1. technique, skill, or artistry in playing the piano

  • Pianic

    [pee-an, -ahn, pyahn] /piˈæn, -ˈɑn, pyɑn/ noun, Pathology. 1. . pian pi·an (pē-ān’, pyän) n. See yaws.

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    [pee-uh-nis-uh-moh; Italian pyah-nees-see-maw] /ˌpi əˈnɪs əˌmoʊ; Italian pyɑˈnis siˌmɔ/ Music. adjective 1. very soft. adverb 2. very softly. noun, plural pianissimos. 3. a passage or movement played in this way. /pɪəˈnɪsɪˌməʊ/ adjective, adverb 1. (music) (to be performed) very quietly pp adv. 1724, from Italian pianissimo “very softly,” from Latin pianissimus, superlative of pianus (see […]

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    [pee-an-ist, pyan-, pee-uh-nist] /piˈæn ɪst, ˈpyæn-, ˈpi ə nɪst/ noun 1. a person who plays the , especially one who performs expertly or professionally. /ˈpɪənɪst/ noun 1. a person who plays the piano n. 1822, from French pianiste, from Italian pianista; see piano + -ist. Earlier in English in the French form, pianiste (1816).

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