a musical score having the parts condensed or simplified in two staves, to render the music playable on the piano by one person.


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  • Piano-roll

    noun 1. a roll of paper containing perforations such that air passing through them actuates the keys of a player piano. noun 1. a perforated roll of paper actuating the playing mechanism of a Pianola Also called music roll

  • Piano stool

    noun 1. a stool on which a pianist sits when playing a piano, esp one whose height is adjustable

  • Piano trio

    noun 1. an instrumental ensemble consisting of a piano, a violin, and a cello 2. a piece of music written for such an ensemble, usually having the form and commonest features of a sonata

  • Piano-tuner

    noun 1. a person who tunes pianos and sometimes other keyboard instruments.

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