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  • Piston-ring

    noun 1. a metallic ring, usually one of a series, and split so as to be expansible, placed around a piston in order to maintain a tight fit, as inside the cylinder of an engine. noun 1. a split ring, usually made of cast iron, that fits into a groove on the rim of a […]

  • Piston-pin

    noun 1. .

  • Piston-rod

    noun 1. a rod communicating the rectilinear motion of a piston to the small end of a connecting rod or elsewhere. noun 1. the rod that connects the piston of a reciprocating steam engine to the crosshead 2. a less common name for a connecting rod

  • Piston slap

    noun 1. the characteristic sound of a seriously worn piston in a cylinder (usually of the engine of a motor car)

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