Placental membrane

placental membrane n.
The semipermeable layer of tissue separating maternal blood from fetal blood in the placenta.


Read Also:

  • Placental presentation

    placental presentation n. See placenta previa.

  • Placental souffle

    placental souffle n. See uterine souffle.

  • Placenta marginata

    placenta marginata placenta mar·gi·na·ta (mär’jə-nā’tə) n. A placenta having raised edges that are less elevated than those of placenta circumvallata.

  • Placenta membranacea

    placenta membranacea placenta mem·bra·na·ce·a (měm’brə-nā’sē-ə) n. An abnormally thin placenta covering an unusually large area of the uterus.

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