plasmacrit plas·ma·crit (plāz’mə-krĭt’)
The percentage of the volume of blood occupied by plasma.


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  • Plasmacrit test

    plasmacrit test n. A serologic screening method used as an aid in the diagnosis of syphilis.

  • Plasmacyte

    noun 1. Anatomy. an antibody-secreting cell, derived from B cells, that plays a major role in antibody-mediated immunity. plasmacyte plas·ma·cyte or plas·mo·cyte (plāz’mə-sīt’) n. See plasma cell. plasma cell n. An antibody-producing lymphocyte derived from a B cell upon reaction with a specific antigen. Also called plasmacyte. plasma cell A lymphocyte that originates from a […]

  • Plasmacytoma

    plasmacytoma plas·ma·cy·to·ma (plāz’mə-sī-tō’mə) n. plas·ma·cy·to·mas or plas·ma·cy·to·ma·ta (-mə-tə) A discrete, usually solitary mass of neoplastic plasma cells in bone or in one of various extramedullary sites.

  • Plasmacytosis

    plasmacytosis plas·ma·cy·to·sis (plāz’mə-sī-tō’sĭs) n.

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