(slang) a stupid person


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  • Plonking

    /ˈplɒŋkɪŋ/ adjective 1. foolish, clumsy, or inept: his plonking response to the princess’s death

  • Plonko

    /ˈplɒŋkəʊ/ noun (pl) plonkos 1. (Austral, slang) an alcoholic, esp one who drinks wine

  • Plook

    /plʊk/ noun 1. (Scot) a variant spelling of plouk

  • Plop

    [plop] /plɒp/ verb (used without object), plopped, plopping. 1. to make a sound like that of something falling or dropping into water: A frog plopped into the pond. 2. to fall with such a sound: Big raindrops plopped against the window. 3. to drop or fall with full force or direct impact: He plopped into […]

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