[pawrt-kuhl-is, pohrt-] /pɔrtˈkʌl ɪs, poʊrt-/

(especially in medieval castles) a strong grating, as of iron, made to slide along vertical grooves at the sides of a gateway of a fortified place and let down to prevent passage.
an iron or wooden grating suspended vertically in grooves in the gateway of a castle or fortified town and able to be lowered so as to bar the entrance

also port-cullis, c.1300, from Old French porte coleice “sliding gate” (c.1200, Modern French porte à coulisse), from porte “gate” (see port (n.2)) + coleice “sliding, flowing,” fem. of coleis, from Latin colatus, past participle of colare “to filter, strain” (see colander).


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