[pot-as] /ˈpɒtˌæs/



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  • Potassa

    [puh-tas-uh] /pəˈtæs ə/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Potassic

    [puh-tas-ik] /pəˈtæs ɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or containing .

  • Potassium

    [puh-tas-ee-uh m] /pəˈtæs i əm/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a silvery-white metallic element that oxidizes rapidly in the air and whose compounds are used as fertilizer and in special hard glasses. Symbol: K; atomic weight: 39.102; atomic number: 19; specific gravity: 0.86 at 20°C. /pəˈtæsɪəm/ noun 1. a light silvery element of the alkali metal group […]

  • Potassium-40

    potassium-40 n. A naturally occurring beta-emitting radioactive isotope of potassium having a half-life of 1.3 billion years; it is the chief source of natural radioactivity of living tissue.

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